An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

~Benjamin Franklin

It’s a beautiful new school year!  Thank you to all of you parents who were able to attend our first quarterly meeting and potluck.  It was so nice to see you!  We encourage you to stop in and say hello throughout the school year and we do hope that you’ll volunteer some time this school year in the classroom, come along on field trips as chaperones, share an expertise during our mini-courses, or we’ll find a wonderful way for you to contribute to the success of our amazing 5th and 6th grade family group!  We really appreciate you.

Fall MAP testing took place earlier this past week.  We were very pleased that students were well rested, took their time on each question, and truly applied themselves to completing this newer assessment.  The Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) will share with us knowledge about how we can better meet the needs your child may have within their education.